All in one: invitations - gift registry - thank you notes

free wish- and gift list or fin. contributions

Baby Shower invitation and wishlist

If you want to create an invitation or compile a wish list for a Baby Shower, this site is an excellent choice! Above, you can find a video with a brief tutorial what you can do, i.e., create an invitation, optionally add a wish list and there is more!

You can find several ready-made invitation cards, but also templates you can edit yourself. 

When you’re satisfied with the result, you can send an email message to your friends and family, with a link to the invitation and/or wish list for the baby shower on the site. This way, you also contribute to a greener environment! A hint:  State in the email that you provide gift suggestions: ‘for those of you who would like some gift suggestions’, to make sure that nobody feels obliged and you do not appear greedy! 

Gifts can be selected by ticking them online, which will automatically make them disappear in your wish list. You can also opt for a big present or a good cause and ask for financial contributions. You can post any product you desire on your wish list. 

The invitation contains RSVP buttons, allowing invitees to notify you whether they will attend or not. The guest list is automatically updated on the website. 

Finally, you can post event photos of the babyshower to the photo gallery on your page, using the photo app that was especially developed for us. This will enable you to send Thank-you notes containing a link to the photos afterwards. Congratulations and good wishes to you on the birth of your first baby!