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Make Your Wish List aims to provide products and services of premium and sustainable quality,
that respect the environment (paperless). Respecting the privacy of our customers and careful handling of personal data are essential to our reliability as a business. We aim for full transparency with respect to how we handle processing of personal data of our customers (consumers as well as corporate clients) and visitors of our website (hereinafter also referred to as ‘you’ or ‘users’). The Privacy Policy will explain this in further detail, with maximum priority given to Make Your Wish List’s compliance with privacy law, such as the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and Telecommunications Act.

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Make Your Wish List

Make Your Wish List allows you to create and display personalised products containing personal messages (such as invitations and gift lists) online. Addressing is done by entering data in the address book on the website. A fee may be charged for sending an e-mail containing a link to a gift registry and/or invitation. In addition, users of our services may upload personal event pictures on the website, which can be viewed by people they invited through an e-mail containing a link to the website.

Our webshop offers thank-you gifts (favours) for various occasions, for example, weddings and baby showers. Upon request and for a fee, Make Your Wish List will also receive and rewrap physical gifts in a festive manner and deliver them at home (by appointment). Without prior permission, copying and/or distribution of images (cards and backgrounds) and texts or displaying them on other websites is strictly prohibited.

Written invitations can be sent by e-mail, containing a link to the Make Your Wish List website, where personalised invitations and/or gift lists can be accessed. We shall make all reasonable efforts to prevent user-designed pages from being visible to robots and search engines.

In case of suspicion of distribution of spam and/or transmission of inappropriate e-mail and/or images, or any other website abuse, we reserve the right to remove the user in question, without notifying him/her. In case of abuse, we also reserve the rightto inform the authorities.


Within the scope of our service, we may directly/indirectly collect and store personal data (provided or not provided by users). However, we will only ask for the minimum amount of information necessary, such as the e-mail addresses of the sender and his/her invitees, IP addresses of users and/or images uploaded and/or used by our customers. At all times, we shall not collect more personal data than reasonably necessary to perform services and/or for the purposes described herein. We do not sell personal data or e-mail addresses.

Furthermore, personal data shall only be stored in a way that allows identification of the person concerned as long as necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and processed. Payment traffic processing is done in collaboration with payment service providers (PSP) MultiSafepay and Mollie, they handle all data processing involved.

Make Your Wish List processes personal data for the following purposes:

Collaboration with affiliates;

Customer service optimization; Marketing, such as informing users of original new gadgets and/or activities.

Statistical data are used to optimise the websites and services of Make Your Wish List. Personal data submitted to us are only processed with permission for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive (direct) marketing material, you can indicate this by clicking the Unsubscribe link in mailing you receive from us.


We use cookies. These are small pieces of date containing surfing preferences, stored on users’ computers. Cookies are used for two purposes. First of all, they help users surfing the web by remembering login names, passwords and (language) preferences. Second, they register websites visited, thus estimating the interests of the user in question. Cookies do not contain personal data of users, they only remember preferences and interests based on their browsing behaviour.

We use cookies to/for: 

   1. Analyse the use of our website;

   2. Provide better service to users;

   3. Send our newsletter, if so desired;

   4. Marketing purposes;

   5. Be able to work with affiliate programs.

Cookie use can be disabled through your browser preferences. In that case settings such as passwords and login names will have to be re-entered every time. The aforementioned only applies to proprietary cookies of Make Your Wish List. 

We will not make personal data available to third parties, with the exception of:

  • Financial institutions and/or stores involved in payment processing
  • Third parties we engage within the scope of marketing, production and implementation of Make Your Wish List’s products and services;
  • Law enforcement authorities, if we are legally obliged to do so;
  • Third parties with your prior consent or that of the person(s) concerned;
  • Third parties, if necessary to protect your rights or those of the person(s) concerned, as well as our rights.


Make Your Wish List will take organisational and technical measures to secure personal data and prevent abuse, loss or corruption. The security of payment screens and checking out Make Your Wish List products is optimised continuously and is based on the so-called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Submission of incorrect (payment) data is punishable by law. Abuse of Make Your Wish List’s website and payment methods will be reported to relevant authorities, as well as the BKR (in Dutch: Bureau Krediet Registratie), the Dutch credit registration agency.


If you want to inspect, modify, supplement or delete your personal data, please submit a written request to the address mentioned above, to which we will respond within four (4) weeks upon receipt. For inspection requests we will charge no more than the legal cost reimbursement per individual request. The four-week response period commences upon receipt of payment for the aforementioned amount. If you have any questions, feedback or complaints regarding the processing and/or protection of your personal data by Make Your Wish List B.V., please contact us using the details listed above.


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy to ensure compliance with applicable law and legislations. It is therefore recommended to frequently consult this Privacy Policy, to keep you informed of any amendments.

All rights, obligations and conflicts arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Dutch law exclusively.


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