All in one: invitations - gift registry - thank you notes

free wish- and gift list or fin. contributions

Make invitations and thank yous, create gift registry, gift- and wishlists

Invitations, gift registry and thank-yous can easily be made online and posted on the website.
You can create them together or separately. Afterwards, you can send an e-mail containing
a link to your invitation and/or gift list. Gift registry can be created free of charge, invitations are
£ 0.65 each (a sample copy is free). Any product of your choosing can be put in your wish list, we
are not bound to specific brands or vendors. Log in here to get started!

We also provide the option to request financial contributions for bigger wishes, for example good causes and/or charity or new furnishing. Donated amounts will be transferred to you directly.

Our Vision  

  1. Invitation recipients can RSVP to indicate whether they will attend. The guest list will automatically be updated on your Wish List page.

  2. You can pinpoint one or more locations on the Google Maps map attached to your invitation, including the nearest parking spot. Listed below are the time, event (for example, wedding, thesis, reception etc.) and dress code (if applicable).

  3. You can use an Addin to place products from this site or other sites on your gift list, details are automatically included (this can only be done on computers). 

  4. No more double gifts. Attendees can tick the gift(s) they would like to order and these gifts will automatically be removed from the list. If so desired, financial contributions are also possible,eg to furnish your house or support a good cause.

  5. Our address book provides you with the option to enter names with individual salutations, such as ‘Dear Mr. and Mrs.’ and many more options. With some invitations, titles (i.e. the form of address) have a role.

  6. Our unique app, especially developed for us, allows you to take pictures of your event and post them on the website. Afterwards one mouse click is all it take to send thank yous to your guests and invite them to view the photos.

  7. Our fun animation video will guide and inspire you.

  8. You are free to choose as you wish, with respect to the products placed on your gift list.

  9. Use our gift gathering point to ensure that your guests do not have to wait for delivery. We will make an appointment and drop off all gifts at the desired time. You can also consult us to have gifts rewrapped in a festive manner. 

  10. Your privacy and that of your guests is guaranteed 100%, we do not sell data. Invitations, lists and photos are kept hidden from search engines, thus preventing online distribution, which is why we ask you to login first.

  11. Your data can be stored, but only if so desired. Thus, you will have your address book at your fingertips, instantly, for future festive events.

    If you have any questions, just ask the MYWL-team.

                    A wonderful party, wedding day or dinner starts with a personal invitation.


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